Monday, September 20, 2010

Tuesdays and Thursdays revisited.

Okay. Maybe I was a little too ambitious with my twice weekly writing experiment. I should write when it naturally comes to me. Like when I wrote down lyrics at 11:30pm on a school night about what should happen to my body when I die. Seriously. It is entirely possibly I ripped these lyrics off from an old Irish ballad - but hey, the mind wants what it wants. And, like I mentioned earlier, I miss just being creative.

I've been pretty busy with life lately. My boyfriend is going back for his MBA starting next week and I'm trying to get as much "us" time as possible. I've already been informed by him that this is going to consume a large majority of his life for the next 2+ years and that I should be prepared with all that entails (i.e - him being a crabby, pain in the you know what while I attempt to get the reassurance I need as a girlfriend on his one free day - Saturday). We live together and have been in coupledom since March 2006. But we both have pretty strong personalities (stubborn) and sometimes forget that the other has feelings and needs...

We'll see how it goes.

I managed to take the boot camp awesomeness I experienced in July with weight loss and added energy and drown it in a month plus of wine and cake consumption. So with last night's first soccer game of the season, I will be attempting to work out 5 days a week again. I have problems waking up first thing in the morning and my evenings are taken up with boyfriend time. However, muscle tone and stamina have just become a top priority again. Wish me luck.

My next topic will be on my search for an MBA program I want to attend and how I'll manage to take the GRE's and pass :-)

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