Monday, October 4, 2010

Why Do We Care?

"Kendal is no longer in a relationship"

It's not true - but I could post it on various social media sites. I could technically end my relationship with my boyfriend of 4+ years in a matter of moments. We don't need to talk...I can just update my facebook status. He'll see it. All our mutual contacts would see it. It'd be messy and public but in the end, would still suck. But hey, at least all 356 people would know. It's not as cruel as tweeting it, right? ....

We have become a society so self-involved that making sure we do the added step of pouring salt into the wound has become a necessity of stating publically our independence. Cruelly, we've lost control of respect and an old fashioned ettiquete of self restraint that makes it nearly impossible to succumb to. We do it because others do it. We post because they post because we post. We've started a vivious cycle that will probably only evolve into an even more touchy feely senstive subject that I'll be dealing with into my 70's. I must say I'm not looking forward to posting things such as "Kendal is widowed" or "Kendal is on her death bed". I can only hope that I do to my facebook what I did to my myspace what I did to my friendster and opendiary...get the hell out and actually call my friends and relatives!

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