Saturday, February 7, 2015

Boot Camp Diaries - Week 1

This week, I started a boot camp to lose the weight I've gained and get back on track with eating right/eating smart. Where I didn't exactly master the eating right (ok, not even close), I still got back on track with my workouts. It was a more difficult start, though. For what most consider a rather dry winter, it rained every morning here in Seattle. And since boot camp starts at 6am, it was wet, cold and dark. Consistently. If it wasn't drizzling, it was raining. If it wasn't raining, it was pouring. And so on and so on. Even the instructors were saying how unusual it was that the rain was so bad this week.

Anyways, to continue on my wellness journey as a whole (write more, be a part of the wellness project, lose can check out my whining here), I am going to do a weekly play by play of boot camp. End of week picture included (no matter how awful I look. And if week 1 is any indication, it's going to be a rough couple of weeks). I've already signed up for March, as well - so you will see a total of 8 entries on this topic. Be warned - it's going to range from weather conditions to random thoughts I have during the class. This week is the trial week, though, with a more thorough and thought through posts in the coming weeks.

So let's begin, shall we?

Week 1 - Feb 2nd, 3rd, 5th and 6th

Day 1 - Cold, rainy...and I forgot my waiver. 6am has come way too quick. Why did I have to start the day after Superbowl? Ugh.
How old are these people? The 4 - 6 other newbies look early to mid-20's. That's not fair. This is boot camp and they're in shape. Damnit.
What time does it lighten up? Holy hell it's dark.
It wasn't pretty, but I survived. I can totally do this.

Day 2 - WTF? Dark, rainy and cold. Does this ever change? I'll just inform the new instructor about my toe (stupid, random injury) and be smart about the exercises. Squats, lunges, explosive jumps, weights, push-ups, sprints, planks, mountain much for my toe. Wow, I am sore.

Wednesday is a rest day. But I ran 3 miles anyway. My legs feel like lead. It hurts to move in general. But this run (which I thought would help loosen everything up), just made me feel slow. This is my normal 3 mile down and back (with an incline), and it's the slowest I've run in months. I stretched quite a bit after the run.

Day 3 - Does the rain stop? Feeling a little better today. I'm still hurting and we're still doing a lot of squats and lunges. But the stretching and running on Wednesday helped and I feel like I'm doing the exercises right. Now if only I could lay off the chips. And the sandwiches. But damn, I am so tired.

Day 4 - Rain rain go away, come again another day (Wednesday mornings are perfect for the next 2 months). I'm a soccer player. So why does it make me so tired to run on the soccer field? I do love breaking out in that first sprint, thoughAnother decent workout, though. I enjoy the cardio, but like the crazy 6 min, 5 min, 4 min consistent exercises. Definitely a tough day, but in the best way.
The rain picked up hard at the end when we were stretching. What the hell.

Bonus workout - 8pm indoor soccer match. I'm a glutton for punishment and definitely played slow. And we lost. BUT! I do love soccer.

Tomorrow morning brings another 3 mile run (Ragnar training), hopefully faster than Wednesday (it is flat, so that's good). Of course it's also the hubs' birthday celebration, so trying to eat and drink healthy is nearly a lost cause. Just nearly. I'm hoping that if I do another terrible day Saturday, Sunday is my restart day...and I do better all week. Pre-make all my foods for lunch (no excuses) the night before. I'm feeling confident, though, and happy I found this workout for the next few months. I think it's going to lead me back to the place I want to be.

Need cuter workout clothes! Week 1 down!

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