Monday, May 18, 2009

On Running a Half Marathon

I saw this post in my archive that I never unleashed to the world. I think it's fairly entertaining. I also can't believe it's been almost two years since I wrote it. The conclusion is I ran the 13 miles in about 2 hours and 37 minutes. I ran it with a friend - which possibly slowed me down. Since then, I've reduced my ambitions and ran a few 5 and 8K's in 2010. I am now dealing with a right hip, knee, ankle, shin issue that I'm hoping will be cured with new tennis shoes...

I'm a fairly active 26 year old female. I still get my soccer on twice a week, hit the gym when I find time between tutoring and reffing and Jane Austen Book Club. I could be in better shape, have less body fat percentage (stupid LA Fitness), work out's an evil of society to want to look 10lbs lighter. Being a healthy 140lbs at 5'5 definitely does not make me small. My metabolism slowed down after college and my face has decided to show all the fatty foods I eat. So what is a girl to do with her boyfriend's high school reunion, a wedding where his ho of an ex is going to be, and a wedding where she's a bridesmaid next to a group of beautiful women and a bride who's maybe 5' and 100lbs? Oh, she's going to run a half marathon! Whoot! That'll give me a goal, motivate me to eat know, help me lose the 10lbs I keep complaining about. So enter my first 4 mi jog since I was in college. I must admit that the first 2 miles went much easier than I thought they would. It was about the time my running partner decided to be ambitious and run up a steep hill that my ankles started to yell at me. Suuuuure...I did them when I was 22, working out daily - why the heck not (huff, puff, huff, puff....). I made it up the hill of torture. I completed the run. We finished triumphant - only 2 -30 second walks and coming in under an hour, I felt mighty proud of myself. We even walked another mile later that day and I played a soccer game that evening. Minus the blister on the ouside of my right foot (I am investing in new runners - any suggestions?), I felt awesome.

And now it's today....holy christmas trees! My calves are screaming bloody murder, my hips are hurting in places I didn't think imaginable, and the center of my upper back is laughing at me. LAUGHING AT ME! I guess I should be happy my quads and hamstrings have remained in tact (for now). I have now printed out a plan to make me get in shape by July 12th. No seriously, July 12th...7 weeks to train for 13 miles. I plan on keeping posted updates of my progress. Maybe if I have somewhere to write it down, it'll be more real.

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