Friday, May 15, 2009

And it starts...again

I like writing. If I was more disciplined and had a better vocabulary, I may have considered journalism or story telling. But unfortunately, I am a slave to the corporate world and spend my time attempting to market products. It pays the bills (sometimes). It just gets boring. It also sucks all the creative juices out of my lazy, 26% body fat body (stupid LA Fitness). Being a singer/songwriter/mediocre musician, losing my ambition to write kind of sucks. So I figure I start blogging a little here and there to maintain some of my edge. I can write about nothing. I can write about the wonderful, crazy people of the pacific northwest and new england. I can rant about how no one knows how to truly yield. Possibilities are endless. If you come across this and have a random topic to suggest, please let me know. But please be nice about it - telling me something in an aggressive, extremely political, angry tone won't get me to research it. Cry, maybe. Research and rant back, not so much. But interesting things, like bands I should listen to, or odd facts about ear wax and lollipops - I'm all for it.

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