Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Rome...and why you should go.

The Colosseum
My man and I went on a 10 day European vacation with 3 days in Rome and the rest on a Mediterranean cruise. I had been to Rome 10 years ago (and various other cities in Italy) and was very much looking forward to returning. If you are in need of a few reasons to convince yourself or others on why you should take time to go here...let me share with you my top 5. 

1. The history. My love told me he didn't want to do anything touristy in Rome. He wanted to drink with the locals and relax. It took less than 4 hours for him to completely change his tune. We found the Colosseum, paid the 20 euro, and had an amazing time. We walked along the cobblestone streets and ran into countless historical sites. Our package included a 3 hour walking tour with the Vatican, the Pantheon, and the Trevi Fountain...and with the exception that the bus that took us there did not bring us back to the hotel, he had a great time. Soak up the BC and AD vibes that is intertwined in this huge city.

2. Architecture. Much like history is everywhere, so to is amazing architecture. Greeks, Romans, temples, name it, it's here. And it is awe inspiring.

3. Art. It is the epicenter of art. When you walk into a church in the US, you have some lovely pieces. When you walk into a church in Rome, prepare yourself for hundreds of paintings, sculptures, mosaics, and crosses. It's nearly overwhelming. Or you can just walk into one of the galleries. Just think of the ninja'll find it in Rome. 

4. The people. The hubs and I wandered in to Oratorio Bistrot and found some of the most welcoming group of people I've ever met. My broken Italian got a few smiles and a return with pretty good English. They suggested tourist spots and nightlife...and to come back to them when possible! So we did :-) Their new restaurant was lovely and the food and wine delicious! I have not had one rude experience in Rome and think their spirit is a great reason to visit!

5. The food. True, this image is of espresso, limoncello, and wine. It was the end of the meal :-) Realizing that they want you to order in courses (meat, pasta, vegetable) makes it easier to understand that the chicken you ordered is coming alone (I definitely did that and had to order asparagus to compensate). But the pasta...the sauce...I would gain pounds living off of it. I ate at 5 different restaurants (bars) and did not have a terrible experience. The hardest part was choosing one because there are so many...

Do not miss out on gelato either!!!

The history, architecture, art, people and food are my top 5 reasons to go to Rome. I'm sure there are others, maybe with more depth and detail. But honestly, I believe Rome is one of those places that can speak for itself.

So what are you waiting for... Rome + Florence

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