Monday, March 29, 2010

Some Things I'll Never Understand

By nature, I'm competitive. I like to win, I hate to lose, and I will pout to get my way. I have my beliefs, I'll argue in favor of my beliefs, but I must admit I do like arguing in general. This is about as far as I can go. Whether or not you believe what I believe, right or wrong, I will not be taking you to the parking lot to "show you" the truth by a physical fight. I will not attack you, your family, your friends, your pets, relatives twice removed...just because you don't agree with my beliefs does not make you and all whom you associate with bad or evil. Even if what you say offends me (because that's another weakness I have, easily offended), I know there are some fights I really can't win - no matter how hard I argue and pout. So, can someone please explain to me how an Islamic extremist can get on a train and kill 39 people they don't know? And even further from my mind - a woman. As a female, I know that I can do anything a guy can do - work, play sports, hold intelligent conversations, etc. Does not mean I want to do EVERYTHING they can do. I would assume a more maternal instict would prevent this. But apparently suicide bomber is a position open to all.

I like what I believe in - but not to the point I would kill others to serve my message. How can a religion promote this? Say what you will about Christianity - but when two of our main rules are Thou Shall Not Kill and Thou Shall Not Make Wrongful Use of the Name God (such as killing in the name of God...I know, I know, history has shown differently people's misuse of the name God - maybe they missed that CCD class?) you'd like to think that a positive message could be found in all religions and people would promote that. Why is acceptance such a hard thing - or maybe not even as far as acceptance, but a tolerance. I'm simplifying it, I know. There are things in this world performed today based on religions that still hold many as slaves...but still, I will never understand killing in the name of God.

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